Ranking as the 3rd best city to study in according to the l’Étudiant magazine, Montpellier has everything students need to get the best out of life, and more!Find out more to get the most out of this friendly city where there is something going on all year round.

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Get active in a city that loves sport

If you love sport, this is the right place for you!

With its 8 clubs playing at the highest national level and international sporting events taking place locally, such as FISE (International Festival of Extreme Sports) and the Open Sud de France tennis tournament, Montpellier is very much geared towards sport. As a dynamic city, it offers great locations to get out and about: running and cycling along the banks of the river Lez, riding at the skate-park in Grammont… a wide variety of facilities, clubs and events are waiting for you.

A destination for culture and the arts

Montpellier is always abuzz, and as plenty to offer those seeking culture with a large number of museums such as Fabre, the Pavilion Populaire and the brand new MoCo, the city’s museum of contemporary art. It also has galleries dedicated to street art, as well as theatres, cinemas and legendary venues such as the Rockstore… It also plays host to major festivals such as Tohu Bohu, Architectures Vives and Tropisme, all taking place in unique and vibrant venues. Montpelier is a veritable laboratory of art, and you can discover it all with the Pass Culture app!

A unique historical heritage

Take a stroll through the city centre, which is known as the Écusson and entirely pedestrianised, and you will immediately understand why Montpellier has been labelled a « City of Art and History ». Walk through the Place de la Comédie or the Jardin des Plantes, created in 1593; enter private mansions; relax with friends in the Jardins du Peyrou looking over the Arc de Triomphe; or learn more on a guided tour provided by the tourist office… Montpellier has an exceptional heritage which is just waiting for you to discover!

Montpellier, the start-up city

As the epicentre of the French start-up scene, Montpellier was one of the first metropolitan areas in France to be awarded the French Tech label. This is a great reason to come to live in a city which is resolutely looking to the future and innovation, and one which offers events and assistance programmes for students, as well as projects to encouraging people to achieve their goals and to help them start their professional career!

In Montpellier, you will always find something when not studying! Student parties, music bars and sunny terraces are all there to help you unwind with your friends… The Mediterranean way of life, relaxed but lively, avant-garde but welcoming, makes Montpellier the youngest city in France. One in five of Montpellier’s inhabitants is a student; it’s a vibrant place which is ideal for meeting new people!

A lively student scene

A green city, a stone's throw from the beach!

Would you like to be able to revise for your exams while dangling your feet in the water? In Montpellier, you can! The tram will drop you off on the beach in just a few minutes! And for lovers of wide, open spaces, the slopes of the nearby Pic St Loup and the shores of Lac du Salagou are an ideal playground, just like the slopes of the Pyrenees, which you can get to in just 2 hours. Committed to preserving the environment, the city is stepping up initiatives to remain the greenest in France with 48 parks and gardens located in each district and provide a much needed breath of fresh air! 

Sun, sun and more sun!

Ranking fourth among the sunniest cities in France, Montpellier enjoys an exceptional Mediterranean climate: mild temperatures, hardly any rain, 300 days of sunshine per year… It’s nicer to have to put on your sunglasses in the morning than hiding under your umbrella, right? We all know how important the sunshine is for our well-being, so just imagine studying at the same time as getting a tan. Very tempting!

Montpellier has the highest quality of life of any city in Occitanie:

Vibrant neighbourhoods with affordable rents, a highly developed transport network, reasonable prices… Montpellier has everything you need to study without added stress.

Accessible housing

Whether you choose student accommodation or an apartment in the city centre, a personal cocoon or a lively flat-share, accommodation is easy to find in Montpellier. The city has a large number of student residences and campuses and all services students need to thrive!

Transport to meet your needs

Travel on 5 of the most beautiful tram lines in France or on one of the 41 bus lines, take a ride on a Velomagg, a self-service bike that can take you all the way to the beach… The Montpellier transport network is extensive and highly connected thanks to a dedicated app, and special fares are available to students, of course…

With idea of every greater originality, the city offers events such as TraMusic, a music festival, and innovation meet-ups called « A Tramway named Startup »! Let’s get going!

TaM, connected mobility – Transport network

Take advantage of all the extras without breaking the bank!

The prices here are much more affordable than in the Paris region for example, so you can enjoy going out with friends and taking advantage of the city’s leisure activities without blowing your budget. As we all know, a fulfilling social life and a variety of extracurricular activities are essential for effective studying!

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