Saturday June 4th 2022 - Sud de France ARENA Montpellier

How many accompanying persons can come to the ceremony?

When will I be able to get extra tickets?

On 23/05 the remaining places will be available.

Can I be seated next to my accompanying persons?

For a smoother running of the event, all graduates will be seated in the pit, gathered by Programme (you can sit next to whoever you wish). Companions will be seated in the stands.

Do I have to register my apprenticeship/traineeship supervisor as an accompanying person?

Your apprenticeship supervisors and traineeship tutors will be invited via a separate invitation.

I have been offered to buy additional seats

All tickets for the ceremony are completely free and cannot be sold.

Relatives/friends wish to follow the ceremony, is it broadcast live?

Yes, all they will have to do is log on to montpellier-bs.com, the ceremony will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

Will the ceremony be in French only?

The BIBA, PGE and MBA programmes will be in French, the MSC in English. A subtitled translation (English/French) will be set up.

Do I have to bring my ID?

Yes, ID will be requested to everyone (to you and your accompanying persons)

– At the entrance during the ticket control and in case of a health protocol in force

– To claim your graduation gown and cap for your appearance on stage (for graduates only)

I’m repeating a year, can I go on stage with my classmates?

We are sorry but only graduates are allowed on stage. Students who are repeating a year will be able to participate in the ceremony as spectators in the stands.

Will there be a cloakroom?

For graduates, yes. Unfortunately, we cannot provide it for accompanying persons.

Can I put my suitcase in the cloakroom?

Please note that for security reasons all suitcases/large bags/pushchairs must be left in the vehicles. Please make your own arrangements.

I am/I will be with a person with reduced mobility or a particular disability, what should I do?

The ARENA has a lift to access the stands. More information HERE. For any other request, please contact us direction.communication@montpellier-bs.com

Is it possible to eat on site?

No catering is possible, you will find many catering chains in the vicinity of the Arena.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact us at  


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